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2011-07-17 16:09:50
Final Walkthrough in the Home Buying Process


The Final Walkthrough


At some time in the home purchase process, a buyer will have to do a final walkthrough of the house that he or she is going to buy. Walkthroughs are not the same as home inspections, but they are inspections performed within a few hours or a few short days before closing. It's main purpose is to make sure that the home is in the condition in which you agreed to purchase. In some instances, the seller still lives in the house until the closing. If this is the case the buyer should perform the final walkthrough in the seller's presence.

You can ask the seller regarding an improvement for the home that was never done. You could also ask the seller to give you his or her forwarding address for mails. It is important to stay in good terms with the home seller. Moreover, the final walkthrough is a great time to meet and say hello. Your real estate agent is most likely to accompany you during the walkthrough to help you check out the house and to verify if items you contracted to buy are there and those that are not are removed.

Nonetheless, is it normal for sellers to move out of the home before the date of closing. If the seller has left, it is even more imperative to do a final walkthrough. There could be problems to arise when a home sits vacant for some time. Some important things you should note when doing a walkthrough is to turn on and off lighting fixtures, test all appliances, look under sinks for leak and run water. Make sure to open and close windows and doors, inspect wall, flush toilets, floors, ceilings, check garage door openers, test heating and air conditions, run the garbage dispoals and exhaust fans and make sure all debris are removed.

Take your time to do the final walkthrough. Bring along a copy of your Sales Contract in order to review any items that should be included in the property. Check out the house from bottom to top, basement to attic. Pay careful attention to costly items and those you consider important. Check out places where furniture or rugs may have been when you first looked at the house. If you discover that an item is missing or an item or trash is left behind it should be dealt with immediately. You should try to leave your emotions out the door since you will have plenty of time to swoon over the home later. The final walkthrough is the time to make certain that the house is as you expect it to be. A final walkthrough in home buying is the time to deal with any possible problems. If there are items that should be addressed, it should be made known to the real estate agent so they can be handled before the day of closing. Many buyers are so caught up in daydreaming about the house that they often failed to take a good look and missed important items that are contracted during closing.

For more information about the final walkthrough during your Utah home buying process, please contact:

Realtor, Paul 'Ahota'e'iloa  (801) 414-4335


Realtor, Tevita Fotu (801) 824-1812


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